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Development Environments

list.gifCUBLOC Studio

[zip.gif Cubloc Studio v3.5.6]  -03/08/2016 improved ladder logic translation

[zip.gif Cubloc Studio v3.5.4]  -08/10/2015 Fixed problem with input ports on 80~82 when using Ladder Logic on the CB400

[zip.gif Cubloc Studio v3.5.3]  -02/14/2015 Bug fixed : String compare

[zip.gif Cubloc Studio v3.5.2] -11/04/2014 MSB6XX data memory bug fixed

[zip.gif Cubloc Studio v3.4.1] -10/05/2012 supports MSB series


list.gifMSB LOGIC

[zip.gif MSB LOGIC v3.5.6]  -Designed specifically for the MSB series.  Support for Ladder Logic, but not BASIC.


list.gifMOACON Studio  

[zip.gif Moacon Studio v1.1 OS v1.8] - Added event features for RS232/485 communication.

[zip.gif Moacon Studio v1.0.9 OS v1.7.1] - Added additional modes to the high speed counter.

[zip.gif Moacon Studio v1.0.7 OS v1.7.0]  



Important! When installing the SDK, please choose the "Custom" option and uncheck the "Documentation" feature or the SDK may not install correctly.

list.gifCUWIN 3K/4K series SDK  [zip.gif cuwin3x_sdk.msi]  

list.gifCUWIN 5K/6K series SDK  [zip.gif cuwin5x_sdk.msi]  

list.gifCUWIN V series SDK  [zip.gif cwv_sdk.msi

list.gifCUWIN A series SDK  [zip.gif cwa_sdk.msi

list.gifActiveSync v4.5 for Windows XP  [zip.gif Active Sync 4.5

list.gifActiveSync USB driver for CUWIN 5K/6K series [zip.gif activesync_usb_cuwin5000.zip



list.gifCUBLOC Downloader  [zip.gif Cubloc downloader v1.1

list.gifSerial Communication (MODBUS) Test utility  [zip.gif CF-TERM v1.3.3

list.gifMenu/Graphics creation program for CUTOUCH.  [zip.gif CUCANVAS v2.4.2

list.gifCharacter design program for CUTOUCH.  [zip.gif Pixel Studio v1.0

list.gifBMP Downloader program for CUTOUCH.  [zip.gif BMP Downloader v1.09




list.gifCUBLOC user's manual  [Cubloc manual

list.gifCUBLOC Start Guide (Fun trip to the CUBLOC World!)   [zip.gif Cubloc start guide

list.gifMOACON user's manual  [Moacon manual

list.gifWindows CE Panel PC (CUWIN) user's manual  [CUWIN manual


Legacy products

list.gifSD-COM User's Manual  [zip.gif SD-COM User's Manual


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